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Waste Disposal Grounds (WDG) Binder
Municipal Branch, Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

Table of Contents EBP 64

Executive Summary

Tab #     Document Name Document Number (Document Date)


Acts and Regulations - applicable to Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment

Animal Management at Solid Waste Disposal Sites EPB 409

Asbestos: Policy on the Disposal of Friable Waste Asbestos EPB 269

Beverage Container Collection and Recycling Program - see Recycling

(Saskatchewan) Biomedical Waste Management Guidelines EPB 306

(Disposal and Management of) Biomedical Waste for WDG EPB 306



Compaction and Covering at WDG EPB 168

Construction/Demolition Waste Recycling and Disposal EPB 172

Copper Wire Recycling EPB 291


Designated Areas at WDG, Transfer Stations or Collection Facilities EPB 171

Development of Waste Disposal Grounds (WDG)


Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2002 factsheet - see Acts and Regulations


Liquid Domestic Waste Disposal EPB 349


Municipal Refuse Management Regulations - see Acts and Regulations


(Saskatchewan) Paint Stewardship Program - see Recycling

Pesticide Container Collection Program - see Recycling


Rat Control at WDG EPB 169



Scrap Tire Management Program - see Recycling

Slaughterhouse Wastes at a Landfill EPB 194

(On-Premise Disposal and Treatment of) Slaughterhouse Wastes EPB 399A

(Interim Guidelines for Disposal of) Solid Waste containing TENORM and Arsenic resulting from Drinking Water Treatment Processess EPB 425

(Management of) Specified Risk Materials EPB 375


Unified Dairy Recycling Systems - see Recycling

Used Oil Recycling Programs - see Recycling


(Saskatchewan) Waste Electronic Equipment - see Recycling

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