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Publications for Environment Regulated Clients
Chlorine and Water Disinfection EPB 211A
Information on chlorine-related issues and its use as a disinfectant in water.
Drinking Water Information Binder
This binder has been provided to all Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment regulated operators of water and wastewater treatment plants.
Giardia and Cryptosporidium EPB 221
Giardia and Cryptosporidium are microscopic parasites that can be found in water. For more information on these check out the Health Canada website. For more information on Cryptosporidium check out the Environmental Protection Agency Web site.
Hygienic Water Use EPB 232
Hygienic use is a new category of legally mandated waterworks. Advisory labels (Avery #8293 or Avery #5293 ) must be provided to consumers by the waterworks owner.
Maps showing high element concentrations in drinking water in Saskatchewan:
Microbiological Quality EPB 197
How municipalities can determine the drinking water quality by submitting samples for bacteriological analysis.
Trihalomethanes (THMs) EPB 211B
Information on THMs that are formed during the disinfection of water with chlorine.
Turbidity EPB 100
Information to assist waterworks owner, manager or operator in understanding turbidity.
Quick Fact: Water uses and consumption: toilet flush - 15-20L; shower (10 min.) - 100L; tub bath - 60L; automatic dishwashing - 40L; dishwashing by hand - 35L; hand washing - 8L (with tap running); brushing teeth - 10L (with tap running); outdoor watering - 35L/min; washing machine - 225L.