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Partners - Roles and Responsibilities

Saskatchewan water management agencies are responsible for:

  • legislation of areas of water supply, pollution control and hydroelectric power development;
  • authorization of water use and development; and
  • flow regulation.

Federal responsibilities are in areas that have the potential for significant national economic impact such as:

  • navigation;
  • fish habitat; and
  • water on federal lands (e.g., Prince Albert National Park) and Indian Reserves; and boundary and transboundary waters.

Shared federal-provincial responsibilities:

  • national water issues;
  • interprovincial water issues;
  • agriculture; and
  • health.

Provincial agencies with water management responsibilities and legislation:

Water Security Agency (WSA) is the regulator of municipal waterworks, privately owned (publicly accessible) waterworks that have a flow rate of 18,000 litres or more per day, certain pipeline systems and municipal sewageworks. WSA also focuses on watershed management and source protection and works to balance competing water and land uses that impact water quality.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture's role in water management centres around the relationship between agricultural activities and water resources. Agriculture's responsible for the protection of surface and groundwater with respect to intensive livestock operations. Irrigation development based in Outlook is responsible for irrigation development, agronomic services, irrigation engineering services and market development services.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment is the regulator of industrial waterworks and sewage works.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Relations manages the Canada-Saskatchewan Infrastructure Program will be a major source of funding for municipal water capital projects.  The program is cost-shared by the federal, provincial and municipal governments.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, through the regional health authorities, will regulate semi-private waterworks that have a flow of less than 18,000 litres per day. These include on-site water systems serving restaurants, motels, campgrounds, small parks, municipal wells with no distribution system. Smaller non-municipal pipeline systems will also be regulated by Health. About 150,000 people rely on private waterworks including systems at farms, rural homes and cottages. Although private waterworks are not regulated, health regions will interpret test results and provide health-related water treatment advice.
Legislation: Public Health Act.

SaskWater owns and operates regional water systems throughout the province. It provides system assessments and project management of water infrastructure projects. SaskWater also provides water and wastewater treatment plant operations in a Total Quality Water Management framework.

Quick Fact: Over 600 species are supported by wetlands and associated habitat.